Who We Are

Our Story

Coffee is for life’s doers, and we’ve been on the go since day one. Established in 1987, passion ignited our commitment to quality roasts and ethical practices.
We pioneered the use of Fairtrade, Organic and single origin beans. Recognized by the Rainforest Alliance and
The Soil Association, cementing our commitment to
ethical, sustainable practices.

Today we are reducing plastic waste, with plastic free packaging. Our fabulous coffee bags don’t just taste great but are plastic free and can be added to your local authority food waste bin.
We’ve won a bundle of awards for our coffee taste and flavor and always try and do the right thing. That’s why we say Percol is Carefully Crafted Coffee. Enjoy!

Our Mission


Percol stands for quality and responsibility. Hand-picked at the source and roasted to perfection, our beans deliver an unforgettable experience.


Climate change affects us all, here & now. At Percol, we're committed to minimizing our impact by using recyclable plastics
and adopting energy-efficient roasting processes. While we're proud of our efforts, we continually seek ways to improve and do better for our planet.


We believe Coffee needn’t cost the earth. With our support for Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association, and a fully plastic free portfolio, we ensure we are building a community of coffee drinkers
who believe in sustainability.

Can coffee change the world? Well, we won’t know until we try.

So pour another cup of the good stuff… we’ve got work to do.