Savouring Goodness, Sparking Change

With a Fair and Ethical heart, high-quality products, and innovation, we lead responsibly for a vibrant coffee experience

Our Coffees

Some of Our Exotic Range

Instant Coffee

Instant Indulgence: Elevate your coffee experience with our expertly roasted instant coffees. Unleash the rich taste and aroma of our premium beans in every sip.

Ground Coffee

Crafted with Precision: Our ground coffee begins with hand-picked beans, meticulously chosen for quality. We ensure a flavor-rich experience that captures the finest taste and aromas in every grind.

Coffee Bags

Brew with Ease: Discover the joy of proper ground coffee without the fuss. Our coffee bags offer simplicity in every sip, making it as easy as using a tea bag. Elevate your coffee ritual effortlessly.

Our Mission

What We Stand For

Coffee is for life’s doers, and we’ve been on the go since day one.


Handpicked at the source
by skilled hands
Perfectly roasted for the rich aroma
and taste


Prioritizing sustainability with
plastic free packaging
Energy-efficient roasting for an
eco-friendly footprint


Collaborating for sustainability

At Percol, we champion Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic coffee, served in compostable, plastic-free bags.
Our dedication to sustainability and award-winning taste defines us as Carefully Crafted Coffee.
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Our History

The Story of Percol

  • 1987

    Where Percol's Journey Began

    Percol, Est. 1987: Passion ignited our commitment to quality roasts and ethical practices. Early acclaim propelled us towards years of excellence and coffee perfection.

  • 1994

    Paving the Way for Fairtrade

    In 1994, Percol proudly pioneered Fairtrade in the UK, the first to supply certified coffee. Recognized by the Rainforest Alliance and The Soil Association, cementing our commitment to ethical, sustainable practices.

  • 2019

    A Green Leap Forward

    Percol became the first brand to move much of it’s plastic packaging to alternative materials including Roast & Ground bags and capsules. In 2024 we’ve got rid of the lid on instant coffee jars - replacing millions of plastic with metal options.

Certification & Awards

Our Certifications

The Rainforest Alliance teaches farmers how to protect biodiversity and natural resources, helping them to grow high quality and sustainable crops

Fairtrade guarantees the farmers a fair price, decent working conditions, and adequate training

The Soil Association ensures our beans are grown using eco-friendly practices and without chemical fertilizers


Customer’s Love

  • it's my absolute favourite coffee

  • It's great you Percol bags are plastic free and doing their bit for the environment

  • I am incredibly glad to hear that you're committed to the reduction of plastic. We absolutely love Percol and never buy another brand.

  • I am liking the convenience of your coffee bags here on holiday

  • Your coffee bags are just as good as making filter coffee but much easier to use

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