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Ground Coffee

Whether you prefer nutty and mild, chocolaty and rich, or dark and strong; we’ve got a ground coffee that you’ll love.

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Smooth and nutty, the perfect cup for a lazy Sunday.  

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A blend of organic beans for a well-balanced and full-bodied cup.

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Dark roasted blend of Robusta and Arabica beans, this is the strong one.

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Smooth Colombian

Ease into your day with our Colombian coffee.
It’s perfect for lazy lie-ins and afternoons curled up with a book.
Bright and smooth with a nutty finish, this one has a classically smooth Colombian taste.
Fairtrade Certified, 100% Arabica
Strength 3
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All-Day Americano

Not too mild, not too strong, our Americano is the perfect choice for coffee o’clock, anytime of the day.
A blend of organic beans from Central and South America, you’ll notice a cup that’s full-bodied and rich with a toffee and chocolate finish.
Fairtrade & Organic Certified, 100% Arabica
Strength 4
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Italian Style Black & Beyond

Deliciously decadent, rich and with dark chocolate notes, Black & Beyond is no ordinary coffee.
This is the go-getter of coffees, the one to pull you out of your bleary-eyed haze.
 There’s always an occasion for a strong cuppa and this is the best bean for the job.
 Rainforest Alliance, Arabica & Robusta blend
Strength 6