At Percol, we care about where our coffee comes from. That’s why we support the Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association, and now have twice as many organic products in our range. Our beans are hand-picked at source and freshly roasted in the UK. When you care, you do it properly.


We’ve been ethical innovators since day one. Now we’re leading the way again, as the UK’s first coffee company to go plastic-free. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re also Carbon-neutral certified, so we’re not causing a negative impact on our planet. This is crafting coffee with a conscience.


Coffee is the heart and soul of our farming communities. We were the first ground coffee to bear the Fairtrade mark. Now, our entire roast & ground range is Fairtrade certified, meaning we’re continually supporting the next generation of coffee growers. For us, it’s about putting people and planet before profits.

What do our certifications mean?

Percol - Certifications

Fairtrade guarantees the farmers a fair price, decent working conditions, and adequate training.

Percol - Certifications

The Soil Association ensures our beans are grown using eco-friendly practices and without chemical fertilizers.

Percol - Certifications

The Rainforest Alliance teaches farmers how to protect biodiversity and natural resources, helping them to grow high quality and sustainable crops.

Percol - Certifications

The very first Plastic-Free Trustmark from A Plastic Planet. This certifies packaging which is free of conventional plastic derived from fossil fuels.

Percol - Certifications

Our company is Carbon-neutral certified, meaning we offset our emissions at every stage of our supply chain, from farm to factory to shelf.