At Percol, we care about where our coffee comes from. That’s why we support Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association. Our beans are hand-picked at source and freshly roasted in the UK. When you care, you do it properly.


Climate change is happening now and happening to all of us. We want to reduce our impact which is why we use recyclable plastics and energy-efficient processes to roast our coffee. There’s more to do and we’ll keep looking for ways to be better.


Coffee is the heart and soul of our farming communities. Through education and long-term partnerships, we’re improving the opportunities for the next generation of coffee farmers, so good coffee can continue to be grown and communities can thrive.

What do our certifications mean?

Percol - Certifications

Fairtrade guarantees the farmers a fair price, decent working conditions, and adequate training.

Percol - Certifications

The Soil Association ensures our beans are grown using eco-friendly practices and without chemical fertilizers.

Percol - Certifications

The Rainforest Alliance teaches farmers how to protect biodiversity and natural resources, helping them to grow high quality and sustainable crops.