Spice up your life with these Spiced Cinnamon and Percol Coffee Muffins

We asked renowned food-writer, Karen from Lavender and Lovage to use our Fairtrade Smooth Colombia instant to create a coffee inspired culinary concoction.The result?  These delicious Spiced Cinnamon & Coffee Muffins are an absolute triumph, ideal for breakfast or afternoon tea. The combination of coffee, warm cinnamon and almonds is a match made in heaven, and they are also wonderful when served warm with butter and jam.They’re also very convenient! If you’re in a rush, grab one as you head out the door or pop one into your lunchbox for a snack.Share your pictures with us, we’d love to see how you serve them up.Our Fairtrade Smooth Colombia is available in selected Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose stores and online on Amazon and Ocado.

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