Perk up with our high-caffeine Perk Up!

There’s a coffee in our range that you might not know too much about, we’d like to rectify that.Meet our Perk Up! It’s a luxuriously rich and strong instant coffee with notes of toffee and a rounded finish.As well as getting your regular caffeine fix from this dark roast coffee, Perk Up is infused with the Amazonian wonder berry guarana. Guarana is another source of caffeine that slowly releases its energy for a natural and sustained boost.It’s perfect for those days when you need an extra kick to get started (hello Monday mornings) or as a pre-workout.The caffeine content is higher in our Perk Up than in regular coffee; 3.9% mg compared to 2.5% in a normal cuppa.You can find our Perk Up in selected Sainsbury's and Holland & Barrett stores as well as online on Amazon.

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