Invigorate your morning with our Intense Italiano!

Some mornings require more of a kick-start than others, and on those mornings we opt for our Intense Italiano.It’s full of character and embodies a classic dark, rich Italian style coffee. Made with 100% Fairtrade Arabica beans from Central and South America, its deep body is complemented by a sweet and creamy finish with dark chocolate notes.You can make a cup or two using either a filter machine or a cafetiere. At Percol Headquarters, we like to do a couple of big cafetieres in the morning to share between those in the office who need a bit of extra help waking up. We recommend adding one to two heaped dessert spoons per person, depending on how strong you like your coffee.Want to try our Intense Italiano? You can buy it from selected Tesco and Waitrose stores and online on Amazon and Ocado.

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