Give our Guatemala a go!

Our Fairtrade Guatemala ground coffee has excellent body and a complex, spicy taste. Ground from Guatemala’s finest 100% Arabica beans, this well-rounded medium roast is balanced by light acidity and clear notes of sumptuous chocolate and sweet berries.Guatemala is the second biggest coffee producer in Central America, behind Honduras. Almost all of the coffee is shade grown and the soil is volcanic and rich in minerals, leading to exceptionally high quality beans.Unfortunately, coffee growing regions in Guatemala have been devastated by the coffee leaf disease ‘La Roya’ in recent years. This has not just had an impact on the coffee plants themselves but of course on the farmers and their communities. However, the disease can be managed and hopefully eradicated. We have partnered with the Fairtrade Foundation to help tackle La Roya in the Ixil region. Farmers are taught how to protect and strengthen coffee plants through sustainable growing practices. Thankfully, we’ve already seen promising and inspiring results - you can read more about the project here.Care to try our gorgeous Guatemalan coffee? You can find it in selected Waitrose stores and online on Amazon and Ocado.

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