Do-it-yourself cold brew coffee!

Having a cold coffee is a delightful alternative on a hot summer’s day and while we’re yet to have many scorchers, we’ve made the switch to a refreshing cold brew in the mornings.Let’s get one thing straight; cold brew is not the same as iced coffee. In a nutshell, iced coffee is a regular coffee, cooled down and served with ice. Cold brew on the other hand is brewed in cold water for a much longer time using more coffee, resulting in a stronger coffee concentrate.Using cold water means the extraction process is much slower, the coffee is generally less acidic and the bitter compounds are left behind, creating a coffee with a sweeter and smoother taste.Experiment with different blends of coffee and the time you leave it brewing until you have found your own personal favourite. As a guide, we add about one cup of ground coffee to four cups of filtered, cold water, stir and leave covered in the fridge for 12 hours.You can make your cold brew in a container and strain using a cheesecloth. If it’s easier, you can also use a cafetiere, just don’t plunge until the 12 hours is up!To serve, add cold water, milk...or dare we say it, a scoop of ice cream.So there you have it, cold brew explained. Enjoy!

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