Coffee Tips

How To Make An Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

We have discovered the best way to use up our leftover coffee grinds… an exfoliating coffee scrub!

Caffeine has long been known to have positive effects on your skin when applied topically, including tightening and reducing puffiness. So it makes sense that ground coffee would be the perfect ingredient for a DIY exfoliating body scrub. 


Here’s how we make ours:


Once you’ve finished your morning cafetiere of ground coffee, scoop the grinds out and put them in a bowl.


Mix with two tablespoons of coconut oil – we use Lucy Bee as it’s Fairtrade and organic. Tip: we find it’s easiest to mix straight after you’ve finished your coffee, as the warm grinds help to melt the coconut oil.  Play around with ratios to get the consistency you find easiest to use, you can always add more coffee or oil.  Now, you’re ready to use your home-made coffee scrub.


Give it a try, your skin will thank you for it!