Coffee Capsules Made From Plants? Goodbye Waste!

Say hello to our new Nespresso® compatible capsules, made with organic and Rainforest Alliance certified Arabica coffee that’s slow roasted for a smooth, rich taste. The best part? These delicious capsules are fully compostable.


Our capsules are made from plant-based materials and can be completely broken down in just 12 weeks when composted correctly.


If you’re wondering how this differs from other capsules you can buy, most other brands are made from aluminium, plastic or a combination of both. When thrown away, these are highly pollutant and can cause serious impacts worldwide.


We’ve been working hard to find a more sustainable solution. By using plant-based materials we’re able to use less energy and produce less greenhouse gases during production too.


Try our capsules in three different blends:


Rainforest Alliance Americano Lungo:


Best served long, our Lungo is bright and bold with a smooth finish. Savour the rich aroma of this Central and South American blend and enjoy a well-balanced cup with a hint of caramel sweetness.


Organic Ethiopia Espresso:


Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is prized for its floral characteristics; our Espresso is no exception. Enjoy the unmistakable notes of lavender in this exotic cup full of complex, delicate flavours and elegant acidity. 


Rainforest Alliance Supremo Ristretto:


A short espresso which packs a punch, our Ristretto is full bodied with sweet chocolate notes and a long, smoky finish. Carefully blended from Central and South American beans, this rich cup is the strongest of our capsules.  


Look out for our capsules in Coop stores and online on Amazon.